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Thread: New here with a few questions

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    A collective thanks to everyone who has responded thus far!

    When I first went Primal, I went through my cupboards and took everything out that wasn't primal friendly (which was a LOT). I made a huge donation to the local food bank....

    I bought some cashew butter, and it was "meh". Better than nothing though! I put the remaining jar in the freezer, and scoop a bit out...takes longer to melt in my mouth I guess. I wonder if I could mix the cashew butter and PB together?

    I guess my best bet would be to stop buying it. My biggest concern is I need something to "snack" on, and I'm not always great about having primal-friendly stuff easily accessible. Raw veggies would be great, and I'm trying to cut back on fruit (NOT cut it out), as I could live on apples and stuff. I do buy organic though.

    I am going to check into some O3's that are flax free. If nothing else, I can up the eggs (I *love* eggs!)! Having them and my meat come from a grass-fed farm is probably a good thing as well (and quite honestly, I haven't found it that much more expensive than grocery store stuff...I'd rather give my money to family farms than a doctor down the road when I get diabetes and crap).

    I'm trying not to be too hard on myself over it, I had some ED stuff going on awhile back and going Primal has really helped those symptoms (as well as getting an education about fat not making you fat...) I no longer count calories but I am probably going to start up my food journal to be a little more accountable of what I eat without going back to that obsessive state.

    I do try my best to follow the 80/20 rule, and truth be told (aside from the PB and any "gray" areas...raw milk, cheeses, etc) are pretty much baked goodies that are made with primal friendly ingredients. I made pumpkin bread for our Thanksgiving (last week) with Almond Flour and Honey, and mashed sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes and it was all a hit.

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    We make a nut butter at home: soak almonds and brazil nuts, blend and add a bit of salt and a bit of honey. It's divine. Seriously, you'll not want PB ever again.

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