So today is day 1. Technically I have been pretty low carb for the last few days, but I will just start with day one today. It's a Monday, and a good place to start.

It's 1:44pm and I'm up to 26g of carb already. My goal was to try to stay at 20g.....that didn't work. So I guess my new goal for the day is 30g of carb, lol!!! Trying to not stay overly focused on calories right now. Currently sitting at 44g of protein, which means I need to eat a lot more protein before the day is over. My protein goal is 110g.

Basically this is an experiment on myself. I want to see how it feels to be fully keto adapted. Will I have soaring energy? Newfound calm and inner peace? Will my depression be better? Will I be able to shed the weight that I want to get rid of? This is what I want to know. I want to do six weeks. Not sure if I will make it that long with Xmas looming just around the corner, but I'm going to try.