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    ADEAD can it create alergies?

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    Hi All,

    I usually have 1-2 eggs for breakfeast every day. Yesterday I started to build myself upto A Dozen Eggs A Day (ADEAD) because I'd like to gain some lean muscle mass with the starting strength fitness program I started at the mid October.

    Yester day I had only 7 boiled eggs, but by the 6th boiled eggs I started to feel itches. Particularly on the head, and on one of my a feet and forearms.

    I will keep it up and see how I go, today I am aiming for 9 eggs.

    Does anyone know if this means I am slightly alergic to eggs?

    If I keep eating eggs in large quantities, can an alergy develope?

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    Eggs can cause itchy skin...I'm not sure about developing an allergy, but eating so much of one foodstuff will definitely exacerbate the symptoms.
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    There are other posts on here of people developing egg allergies due to overconsumption.
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