Hey all,

New member here. Hi!

So the reason I'm here is because I'd like to seek some advice in building a daily paleo diet. I practice piano 3-4 hours a day, teach at university and also bartend... so as you can tell, I have quite a busy life. My goal is to basically create a daily (one or two day) meal plan that covers all my bases in terms of the nutrition I need so that I don't worry about "What shall I make today?" I very rarely eat for pleasure (but I don't enjoy eating flavorless food), so I am okay with eating the same thing day in, day out - heck, until now, I've been eating the same breakfast and lunch every day for the past 12 years. When the time calls for it and I have some time to decide what I want to eat differently that day, that's fine.

My information for helping me build a diet:

-27 Male
-167 lb
-Heartburn is an issue so I frequently do not eat heavy foods late at night
-I prefer a big breakfast and then four or five small meals during the day
-I eat fruit throughout the day: 1 apple, banana, orange, some blueberries, etc.
-I'm vegetarian basically - but I do eat eggs and fish - and I love lots of raw veggies
-I drink a glass of red every other day
-I do yoga for 1 hour every day
-I ride my bike to work and back 15-20 minutes each way every day
-I sit at the piano for 4ish hours every day
-I eat a handful of nuts and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc) every day

So what do I want out of the meal plan:
-breakfast (big for energy throughout the day), lunch (can have prep time), dinner & supper (smaller but packable)
-basically, I'm looking for something that's fast and easy to prep (20 mins tops)
-something that I can take to the bar on Friday's and Saturdays sneak in between busy periods
-could be a rotating thing over two days (ie, M W F S eat meal plan 1; T T S eat meal plan 2)

Or, what would be a good place to find information to put together such a meal plan when I'm not an expert in nutrition (I'm a physicist.)

WHY? you ask. Simple: if I don't plan/know what I'm making, then I get lazy and fall into old eating habits. The plan is so I don't have to take time to figure out what to make that day. I can concentrate on my work and then take my break making food.

thanks everyone,