Hey there gurus!

I'm hoping for some good Mama experiences here. I couldn't find any threads on this in a search. I'm due with baby numero uno in 5 weeks and am looking into postpartum belly bands. There are lots of different ones and they all have websites that sounds awesome! Cause, you know, they're selling them, ha! Anyways, I'm wondering if it's a good or bad idea.

I know we stopped using the back support bands (I know that's different) at work because research shows they actually weaken you and leave you more open to injury because you're not using your muscles properly or at all. So, not sure if the belly bands would be of similar detriment?

About me, have been doing Paleo and Crossfit throughout my pregnancy and plan on breast feeding for a year or so. I'm also in the military and need to get back into my fitness test body relatively quickly, ugh.

Thanks for any experienced input!