Hi all,

Blah. I am discouraged. Highest weight at 165 lbs, I'm 5'6", have tried and fallen, tried and fallen. Major stresses going on in my life but who doesn't have them? Don't want to make excuses. Turned 40 this year and I feel like I might as well be 50. I've had such trouble losing weight (my pre-pregnancy weight was 125, was that weight for years), now 8 years later I feel like throwing in the towel.

A wonderful integrative MD I've seen recently suggested this new HA2CG diet -- it's a VERY low calorie and NO FAT diet. Yeah, I know. It is done in tandem with homeopathic drops that somehow mimic a pregnancy hormone (I'm no nutritionist or MD and the explanation sounded very convincing). There has been fantastic success with this for people who've gone through the ringer to try to lose weight. It's brief -- only 24-45 days -- eating basically primal but with no fat! I tried it and by day 5 I literally felt like I was going to faint. Anyone else done this? I am desperately trying to kick start some weight loss here. Any advice, knowledge on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Oh -- also, once you finish the brief low calorie run on this diet a Primal/Paleo diet is recommended.