So... I'm living the all-too-common 21st century story. Sedentary job, sedentary life, and a whole bunch of bad habits learned from an early age. 5 years ago I weighed 230lbs. 5 weeks ago that was 280. A lot of that came after a reasonably serious injury (broken ribs zeroed a lot of my physical activity for several months and set a bad pattern in motion) but that is hardly a comfort.

I recently decided to do something about it. I've actually been hitting the gym 3+ days a week for the past 7 weeks, mostly free weights or body weight (lunges, etc), plus stretching, a bit of treadmill (10 minutes to warm up or cool down, depending on mood), and punching. It has made a real improvement (resting heart rate lower, greater capacity for exercise, etc)....which is what brings me here. Since the 24/7 DOMS pain is mostly gone I've started looking for ways to expand my physical activity. Plus I probably have some spare willpower for diet changes. I've been doing research, looking for forums, looking for info, and several people have directed me here.

Since I love vegetables (have since childhood), and seafood, and meat, and when I was at my most fit I regularly walked 10-20 miles in a day and could run a fast 100 meters but I don't think I have ever run a continuous mile, I'm somewhat predisposed to liking many ideas put forth around here. Since I dislike noticeable fat in my food (as in a fatty piece of meat can cause me to gag or in extreme cases vomit and a 1l bottle of extra virgin olive oil is all the oil I usually buy in a year or two), and I like a nice dark rye bread, I'm not sure about parts. The big challenges I see are more humdrum practical, like how do you store quantities of vegetables so you aren't constantly going to the grocery store? A few years ago I made a crock of sauerkraut that kept nicely but that isn't exactly "colorful vegetables".

Anyway...hello everyone!