Sooo, not very good at journalling but I love this forum and want to be a part of it. I'll give it a go.

After a lifetime of weight issues (pudgy kid, anorexic/ bulimic student, happily married and increasingly obese mother of 2) I had almost given up the ghost. I have numerous hormonal issues and have over the years been diagnosed and treated for: severe clinical depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, pituitary failure, chronic fatigue and adrenal insufficiency.

I've consulted GPs, neurologists, cardiologists, immunologists, psychiatrists, kinesiologists, hypnotists, naturopaths, Chinese Medical Practitioners, homeopaths and spiritual gurus. One thing I'm not is a quitter

Have I dieted? Oh yes. Crazy low calorie in my late teens and early twenties (330 calories a day, at least two hours of exercise every day, sometimes five hours). Rosemary Conley VERY LOW FAT combined with a lovely side of bulimia in my mid twenties. Weight watchers in my early thirties. When not completely knocked out with either depression or chronic fatigue I go on mad exercise fads, hiking, martial arts, swimming, aerobics - nothing in moderation.

This intelligent and measured approach brought me to where I was five weeks ago: Forty three years old, 193-196lbs, 5 foot tall (in fairness, that last bit isn't my fault). Permanently exhausted, anxious, guilt-ridden and hopelessly facing a lifetime of chronic illness and racing towards type II diabetes.

A friend mentioned the Rosedale diet and I almost immediately discounted it. I try very hard to stay away from faddy diets these days and this didn't sound like something I could do. I do know several paleo types and they had really put me off this kind of approach - the ones I know are extreme athletes, evangelical, smug and patronizing. Not the best advertisement for this WOE (although, killer abs....) I must admit, I think they're kind of dumb and therefore was not ready to take anything they say seriously.

Somehow, the Rosedale thing wouldn't go away and eventually I downloaded the ebook and read it in one sitting. His explanations for how I came to be the way I am hit home with a huge impact and I realized that I couldn't simply continue to ignore reality. The Rosedale inductions phase does not really allow for any 'cheating' and I think this is what really sealed the deal for me. I'm not sure whether it came across earlier, but I'm a bit of an 'all or nothing' kind of gal...

So, five weeks in and where are we now? I've lost about 12 lbs in weight and I think that it's mostly fat - it's melting from my face, shoulders, arms, ribs and waistline. My skin is glowing and I look younger. My insides feel clean and non-toxic. On the down side, my energy has been extremely low. I'm not sure what triggered the chronic fatigue. In my enthusiasm to get going I tried to put in some Sprint 8 workouts at the beginning before I was fat adapted, I think that probably burned out my poor adrenals. I probably went through some candida die-off too.

My energy is starting to return now but I'm taking it slow. Earlier this year I was doing 20k intense workouts on my cross-trainer 5-6 days a week. Over three months I gained three pounds and didn't lose a centimeter. Over the last five weeks I've lost 12lbs, taken around 10 cms from my waist alone and gained muscle tone. I will try to learn from past mistakes and build the exercise up slowly.

My main support, motivation and encouragement has been reading this forum and devouring Mark's great articles. There are some seriously smart people hanging around here and I've become more and more convinced that I'm heading in the right direction. In some ways Rosedale is more extreme than the PB but the basic truths are the same. The whole low fat, high carb, grain fed way of life is killing us. If one more 'expert' tells me that I just need to 'eat a bit less' I will go for the throat.

Well, that was a long and miserable bit of journalling. I suppose I needed to get it off my chest before I can move forward. I really should add that I am a basically a positive person, been with my husband since I was 21, have two beautiful daughters, a successful business and a fabulous life. But something has always been missing and I finally feel as though I may be getting close to finding it.

If you made it this far, many thanks and Grok On.