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Thread: Thanksgiving

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    At my dad's house I had pork, some lettuce, green beans, pork, a little rice with pigeon peas (although I don't think I ate the peas... I don't remember), more pork and potato salad (not. Primal.) I definately overdid it on the merengues and the pumpkin pie, although I did't eat the crust! lol.

    Then at my mother's there was turkey and stuffed with mangu. Pretty primal, so I feasted!! And a small piece of pumpkin pie (locally made, although I don't know if there were was any difference). I guess I could have done worse. Didn't have any bread and not a lot of rice, so I won't fret over it. I did have a slight blurry feeling, i which cases I wait for any digestionto settle, and so random pushups and jumping lol. Just to get rid of the spike, which in most cases work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cori93437 View Post
    *Nit picking... corn is not really gluten free... it has a different kind of gluten than wheat has and is lower in the gluten it contains percentage wise. Some people consider all glutens that are non-wheat "safe" but that is taking a pretty narrow approach to the gluten issue
    And most "corn bread muffins" contain wheat flour for rising soooooooooo...
    Being I have autoimmune issues I wouldn't eat cornbread... nixtamalized corn maybe, but not a muffin for sure.
    I know corn is technically a grain, but it was one of the things my brother in law requested, and corn bread is one of my weaknesses (probably b/c of honey butter, lol)
    How 'bout this stuff?
    Pamela's Products | Cornbread & Muffin Mix
    --Trish (Bork)

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