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Thread: Primal Journal- The Sequel (pam)

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    Primal Journal- The Sequel (pam)

    Here I go again. Dumping the original journal and moving on to the next attempt. I didn't fare too well the first 5 months and my journal reflected my lackluster whiny ways.

    IF until 10:30am. Had some half-caf coffee with a bit of heavy cream before church.

    Oddly enough, there was an interpretive dance group who came to emphasize the sermon on being "Stuck". At one point they had a woman being bulimic... oh man. That was me. I'm not a particularly religious person, but love spirituality and the thought of God. I was dumbstruck. Ever have a moment like that where you look around and wonder how the hell that happened? Until that moment, my plan was to fast all day to jump start my PB re-experience. Typically, that gets me in trouble with binge eating or fighting the binge. Instead, I am going to eat when I am hungry.


    1c full fat Greek yogurt
    1/4 c raisins
    couple bites sweet potato/cranberry mash until I read the deli label and saw whole wheat flour. Gluten bothers me, so I avoid it.

    I decided to keep my beloved greek yogurt in my diet for now along with the small serving raisins. My issue is cane sugar, maple sugar, coconut sugar. Just processed sugars.


    1 mango chutney chicken thigh with 2 pieces of crispy skin (hubby won't eat his)
    1/2 c pumpkin/carrot bisque made with heavy cream and whole milk


    1 obscenely big yam with 2T ghee

    Still on a yam/sweet potato kick.
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