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Thread: No appetite

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    That's a complaint I have about primal, too. I'll buy all this great stuff and not get a chance to eat it. For example, I bought some persimmons to make a dessert. They finally got ripe on Friday. Not hungry enough for dessert on Friday, how about Saturday. Too full for dessert on Saturday. I finally forced myself to eat them on Sunday because other wise they'd go to waste and persimmons are just too good to waste.
    That's where I am at too! I've hit some kind of wall, I don't crave my eggs and veggies in the am anymore, instead I have a small something (half a banana or a handful of nuts, with tea) and then wait to be hungrier to eat meat at lunch.
    I wasn't expecting this at all!

    Since not eating as much dairy, I can't eat any yogurt -- which I used to LOVE! Makes me sick, really does. Cheese is still ok, thanks Goodness!

    To the OP: less hunger is a side effect of primal I guess, I'd also advocate keeping a good meal close by and following your hunger cues. Fat-adapted is good!

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    I more or less recently have had zero appetite lately as well. A couple days ago I made a pot roast and found that I could barely finish one bowl of it. Yesterday, I had to pretty much force myself to finish my favorite dish (smoked sausage with mustard on the side). My only two explanations are that it might be an acute mood issue (chick issues... Bitches be trippin'), or it might be the 5-HTP supplement I've been taking recently, as serotonin regulates appetite (higher levels of serotonin make you less hungry) and 5-HTP is a serotonin precursor. Just an FYI, I'm not taking it for appetite, I'm taking it for mood and cognition.

    So far, the past few days I've been eating about 500 kcal per day. Either way, I'm about 35 pounds overweight, so a several day fast doesn't seem like it'll hurt at all.
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