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Thread: Seafood doesn't really fill me up

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rebooted Body View Post
    It's because it's low fat. You have to slather it in grass fed butter

    You can get fancy and make some butter or organic heavy cream based sauces too.
    I agree. Most fish and especially shellfish are just super lean and need to be balanced out with additional fats. When I buy mussels I get a 2lb bag for $5 and eat the whole mess myself... dipping each one in garlic butter sauce. I'm usually just sated enough to stop eating when the two pounds and some veggies are gone. But, that is two pounds with the shell on so probably not all that much meat.

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    I recently noticed the same thing. Twice I've made really tasty shrimp/salmon cakes fried in lard, from our own pigs, served with home made red pepper mayo, so it's not like they were low fat, I felt like I ate enough but a couple hours later I was really hungry.
    If I have beef or pork I don't get hungry after dinner.

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