So here it is.

I started the 21 day challenge with my father about a month and a half ago. He has done really well and has lost 20lbs or so (down from 285lbs). I on the other hand went up 5lbs and back down to where I was when I began (265lbs). We both eat pretty much the same thing, but I eat more fats such as avocado and coconut oil. He doesn't do any of the recommended exercises, instead he putters around. I go for walks, get in the PEM's and also do yoga a few times a week. (I know that men lose weight faster than women as a rule, so I expected he'd go down faster than me, what I didn't expect is that I'd stay the same)

I was talking about it with him and he seems to think that I am keeping the weight on because I am nursing (I have a 9 month old who I plan to wean around the 1 year mark). I was 245lbs when I became pregnant and I am still the same weight as I was at my highest during pregnancy. My son still doesn't sleep well at night and wakes up several times, I am not getting as much sleep as I'd like and I really hope he outgrows that quickly!

I am wondering, could nursing be the cause of my body resisting weight loss? I am a bit frustrated because I have stuck with this better than I have any other way of eating and continue to do so even though I am seeing no results. It is important to me that as my son grows and gets more active that I am able to keep up with his pace and be actively and physically involved in his play life.

Any advice would be helpful.