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Thread: Room for sprinting if squatting heavy 3x/week?

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    Add sprints as a work day. Instead of 3 days of lifting you have 3 days of lifting and a day of sprints. I means it will take 10 days rather than 7 for a cycle but I am sure you can work it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojoke View Post
    I guess its about what your goals are, train for them whether its being strong, or a combo of both. There will be tradeoff's in each respective area for over specializing.

    I used to Crossfit alot (not anymore) and switched to Wendler 5/3/1 program a tad over a year ago.

    I'm stronger than I ever was in Crossfit, my conditioning is just as on point, possibly better, and alot stonger. I can usually do just as good on Crossfit based workouts at random as I was doing when I trained primarily in the Crossfit method when I feel like mixing it up.

    I have never met a more humbling training tool than a heavy prowler push, or prowler sprint workout. You get what they call the "Prowler Flu"
    I have just started 3/5/1. I am in my second week of the first cycle. From what I have read I expect this program will work well. My gym doesn't have a prowler so I do hill sprints instead though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    once you switch to a 3x5 (usually once you are squatting 1.5xbodyweight), it's still going to stress your body as much as a 5x5. you'll be doing less total reps, but the weight will be heavier. you'll need just as much recovery time. in fact, i found i progressed better by dropping to only two sessions a week.
    I figured as much regarding intensity never going down. Though I find it interesting that you went down to two sessions a week. While I understand that more recovery would allow better progression, StrongLifts is designed to be continued on a 3 day/week basis for quite a while, while still making room for more recovery. After one stalls on 5x5, they're supposed to go to 3x5, then 1x5 once stalled again. After stalling on 1x5, it's recommended to follow Madcow 5x5 (aka StrongLifts Intermediate). I was just wondering why you didn't follow this progression, instead choosing to drop an entire workout day.

    I also saw quite a few posts about 5/3/1, so I'll look into that and see if and when it's appropriate for me to switch.

    I've decided to forgo that sprinting for now. It weird what a difference a week will make. A week ago, when I started this thread, I felt perfectly capable of sprinting. Between now and then, my 5x5 squat has gone from 185lbs to 200lbs, and I can say with certainty that if I tried to sprint now, I would feel some serious pain. Perhaps I'm closing in on a 5x5 stall soon.

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