I haven't experienced this feeling cold all the time for years - last time was when I was underweight and not eating much, and vegetarian.

Now I'm a healthy weight with a bit of excess body fat (rough estimate 27%), eating primal high fat lower carb, the past 2 months but most strictly the past 2 weeks.

Suddenly I'm feeling really really cold, often after a meal, which seems counterintuitive to me. I'd think I would be warmer afterwards when my metabolism is burning the food energy?

I eat high fat, moderate protein and low carb. I'm female, not much of an exerciser except functional (walk everywhere, errands/groceries, carry 40lb child, play with child). Sometimes I bust out some squats or lunges but I'm generally too tired to push out a real workout.

As I mentioned, I'm new to eating this way, and while I want to shift body fat, more than that I need to feel BETTER and more alive. I've noticed a balancing of my mood already, which is wonderful.

Could I be deficient in something? Or is this just my body adjusting? Before this I was eating high carb, low fat... didn't feel cold but it was summer too.

Oh I average about 2400 calories per day, never under 2200 in the past 2 weeks since I started tracking to help get an idea of this new way of eating. I'm stopping today actually, because I don't want the constant focus on food. I think I have a good enough idea of macronutrient ratios to get going now.