Hi All,

I started primal eating on Sunday, eating about 50-70g carbs a day as opposed to 150g before. Since then I've been having terrible headache and cramps in the legs, feeling tired , thirty and hungry ALL THE TIME. Although I've been thinking it's a combination of low carbs and PMS. It's driving me nuts since I've been eating lots and not exercising. :-(

Today for example, I must've consumed 4000kcal, if not more from meat, cheese, oil and hazelnut butter.

I can't take whole milk/ cream/ butter/ egg white due to milk fat and egg white intolerance. For supplement, I'm taking magnesium, potassium, selenium, omega 3 and CoQ10.

I used to be able to train 12-14 hours week for triathlon and the past few weeks has been a struggle with even 5/6 hours week.

Is there anything missing or is it normal in the transition? All the eating is making me quite uncomfortable. Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks.