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Thread: Help me figure this digestive mystery. Warning…TMI

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    Help me figure this digestive mystery. Warning…TMI

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    I’ve posted on this before but I am probably the few folks out there that actually have a problem going #2 since going Paleo/Primal. At first, it was great! Probably because of the sudden increase in fat after having gone from little fat to 100g fat! However, since then I’ve...adjusted? and had to rely on physillium, fiber pills, and digestive enzymes to help me go…

    What I DID notice was that when I have the occasional granola or buckwheat pancake for brunch or while on vacation, I have absolutely no problem going! What gives?

    Isn’t it bad to rely on enzymes/betaine forever? If I decide to get things checked out by a doc what types of checks can s/he do to pinpoint the problem here to help things get moving along?


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    Have you read all the information helpfully put on his website by the crazy Russian?

    He says that psyllium, high fiber, etc., are an addiction and it's hard to get the system working right without a careful protocol to stop using them as a crutch.

    More than you ever wanted to know about poo. Matters have gone better for me since reading his website and his book "Fiber Menace."

    Some of what he says about grains, fruits, and vegetables fits in pretty well with Primal ideas.

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    I remember reading that fiber seems to promote intestinal motility in part due to mechanical damage to the gut's wall. This friction would stimulate the production of mucus and improve peristalsis.
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    Are you eating enough greens? Cause seriously, I have the opposite issue at times when I eat far to much of the green stuff.

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    Thanks everyone. I'll have to check out that website!

    @ elorajade: I think I am eating enough greens. Sometimes I eat two BAS a day. One for lunch and one for dinner! Other days it's steamed cabbage with my protein.

    Maybe I should switch it up to broccoli?

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    If you are eating dairy, please stop for a few days/weeks to see if that helps. I was on PB for about 5 weeks (and oh-so-constipated) before seriously cutting back on dairy, and it's made a world of difference! I still get a splash of cream, a pat of butter, or a bit of super-dark chocolate, but no more yogurt and cheese for me!

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    Nope! Not eating ANY dairy at all. I don't even use butter at home, but instead use a lot of EVOO or CO.

    I think I will seriously try to up the veggies even more. Maybe switching the *type* of veggies will be effective. For example, organic salad greens are probably less "dense" than say broccoli...right?

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    Oh! I do remember when I first started eating super dark chocolate my system definitely responded. Unfortunately I think my system also adapted far too well

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    Same problem - no dairy, either...though I had issues before, also.

    I think I may need to drink more water... also, I drink Lacy Le Beau tea... which is kind of overkill... but does the job and gets things moving again.

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    @fit4lifegal: I just googled and isn't Senna basically a laxative? Do you take it everyday?

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