Weight: 285
Height: 5'4"
Sex: Female
Age: 43
Children: No.
Marital status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight, for whatever that's worth, which is negligible. Just putting it out there.
Career: Yes. A normal one. Stress and blah blah blah not a-typical.
Home owner: Yes. Marginally. Money is always tight. It's a struggle. Whatever.
Pets: 2 dogs. Retrievers.

Notable health issues: Eh. Whatever anyone else notes, but about 15 or 20 years early. Diabetic, but fighting it off--it's all over my mother's side, so I come by it honestly but too early in life and could have probably been avoided. High blood pressure, well-controlled--runs on my father's side very persistently and very strong, so I come by that honestly. Rotator cuff stuff, but whatever, it's fine at the moment. A creaky ankle from an old break. And I won't be giving up my depression meds any time soon--avoided them for 25 years, but it seems they work, so I'm going with it.

Primal status: Grains are far fewer than the general public--I call them "incidental"--breading, bechamel, thickeners, occasional treat.

Primal goals: I will be working on continuing to reduce grains to the point of near elimination, reducing "fake" food to near zero, improving quality of intentional oils, and eating more vegetables and fruits.

Note: I have tried and failed at the Primal thing a number of times. But, hey, I quit smoking over and over for 20 years before I got that right, so I don't feel too badly about giving this another go.


The good... lots of cauliflower, a pear, some nuts and raisins, ate a salad.

The bad... Velveeta on that cauliflower. Next time, just mashed with milk and pepper. Because, you know, I'm out of velveeta...

The ugly... Pear and nuts was under-packing on lunch, and I caved to a serving of cafeteria nuggets.


I will be gardening, so that's good exercise. Need to go in to work for a few hours, need to pay bills. Other than that, I will be having a pretty active day.

Goals tomorrow: Good food, gardening exercise, and walk the old-man dog.

Thanks for reading,