Hi all -

This is duplicate of a post in the Odds and Ends forum. I apologize if I've goofed on the Netiquette. I thought it might also make a good blog post as well.

Are there any suggestions dealing for the vegan (and every other random diet that is popular) blues?

Somehow I've surrounded myself with amazing, funny, intelligent women --- who have gone vegan, one within the last year or two. I also have a friend who suffers from chronic cardio on top of doing a pseudo veganism. (This friend was anthropology major of all things, can't figure out why she's gained 20 pounds despite exercising like crazy, but is convinced that her "plant based diet" is leading to better health. Arghh!!)

I'm old enough to know that talking won't do much good. They are convinced how healthy they are despite some starling evidence to the contrary. I cringe when I hear about the constant cold type illnesses and the weight gain issues. It's so frustrating. I know what's going on (including the biochemistry) but I'm powerless to prevent this self inflicted suffering.

And yeah, I know I'm taking this too seriously but it's still bumming me out. Any thoughts on how to mentally counter the vegan blues?