Hi all -

Somehow I've surrounded myself with amazing, funny, intelligent women --- who have gone vegan, one within the last year or two. I also have a friend who suffers from chronic cardio on top of doing a pseudo veganism. (Doesn't understand how she gained 20 pounds, but telling the whole world how healthy she is and how she disagrees with what most people think of as healthy. *sigh*)

I'm old enough to know that talking won't do much good. They are convinced how healthy they are despite some starling evidence to the contrary. I cringe when I hear about the constant cold type illnesses and the weight gain issues. It's so frustrating. I know what's going on (including the biochemistry) but I'm powerless to prevent this self inflicted suffering.

And yeah, I know I'm taking this too seriously but it's still bumming me out. Any thoughts on how to counter the vegan blues?