I know there are a few posts on this, but they are 1-3 years ago and perhaps something new has come out.

My significant other's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she's had 2 surgeries, and steadily things seem to be getting worse. She's now beginning chemo.

It affects me more than I can make known, and there's not really much you can say to someone in that situation. But I want to help. I obviously can't play doctor and go primal thumping in their life. I personally don't have a large knowledge base myself on the subject. I was just looking for good documentaries, short videos, well-written articles on beating cancer through going PRIMAL. (As I've found a few.. but they always seem to tote something else bad in some way). Something that could speak simply better than I could, that will actually make an impact.

Appreciate the help everybody!