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Thread: More defined/visible six pack? Body Review

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    More defined/visible six pack? Body Review

    I worked for many months to improve my abs to get a six pack. I am pretty much there. It just only looks visible when I wake up in the morning before breakfast or in my bathroom mirror.

    However, I find that if I just ate in the past couple hours or ate too much the day before I get bloated or less visible definition.

    But I am unsure if just cutting more fat will be the trick. Especially since I don't want to shrink overall too much.

    Can anyone tell me what they would recommend. I really want that ab line down the middle and the lower one on my belly button which i can feel with my hand on my bottom right ab covered with fat.

    Photo on 11-16-12 at 6.14.1PM.jpg

    On the day this photo was taken had 1899 calories (normally i would have ate 2300 on a workout day, but i did not push myself to eat more that day)
    108 grams of fat, 122.5 grams of carbs, 3432.7 mg of sodium

    age 21
    height 5'8
    weight: unsure b/c i don't own a scale but i lost weight since i last weighed myself which was 2 months ago and i was 152. I think i am probably 148-149.
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