I fasted 4 days so far this week. I wanted to do 6, but I think I might break the fast tonight.

I wouldn't ever recommend this to someone who is extremely active or lean or light weight. But I definitely think it was a good thing in my case since I was carrying a few extra lbs (and still am). I only lost about 8 lbs in which my bet is that most of it is water and perhaps a few lbs of fat.

The thing I liked best about the fast is the same thing that I liked about intermittent fasting. It gives you some time away from food in which you can take your time to think about food and what you would like to eat once you break the fast. In my experience, if you're smart about it, it brings on creativity to think of some good ideas for meal plans. And it also brings back appreciation of food and satiety from meals, and for some reason it makes it feel like you fill up a lot quicker. And those are all good things.

LOL! Anyways, I guess I'm just bragging a bit. Take care folks!