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Thread: meat quality

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    meat quality

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    i checked the themes, but i did not find one for the quality of meat (sorry if i missed it).
    my question is what do you think about the potentially bad substances in meat : injection of hormones and antibiotics, feeding with GMO grain etc.? how do you make yourself sure that the meat you buy is not treated with there things? in my opinion you can not be sure before you spare a week in the farm and observe all processes. also, have you researched these substances and do you know how do they act on the human organizm, what in them is bad?
    thank you.

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    I buy from a local farms that sell at farmer's markets and whole foods... 100% grass fed, grass finished...

    While I haven't spent a week on the farm, I've talked to the people at the farmer's market, and I've done some online looking into each farm I buy from.

    Who knows, maybe I'm getting pink slime instead of organic grass fed goodness... but probably not...

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