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Thread: choosing the lesser of two evils

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    Oh I'm glad we have kabab shops here - donna meat - fatty lamb on a stick, cooked infront of a gas fire - fully primal

    even chippy chips arn't so bad - sunflower oil is the not the worst thing and it's just cut up real potatoes - massive carb hit.

    It's just a pitty northern chippies don't use dripping anymore - they used to be proud of it 'Our chips are fried in real dripping' they used to proclaim, then wrap them in actual newspaper, not sterile greasproof sheets and polysterene trays. Damm you veggies and health and saftey people.
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    If you are in the south.... go get BBQ. Big old pile of pork. Skip the sides.

    I find its not that hard to dine out and come close. This week, I had a burrito bowl (pork, salsa, guac, veggies). I guess you can get burned on the bad oils though if you are not careful.

    Usually you have options.... coffee shop- skip the frisbee size cookie and have a cup of coffee and maybe a piece of fruit. Most restaurants have decent options too- no reason to eat bread, a salad with toxic sludge, lasagna and cake. You can usually do better.... my birthday dinner at an italian place was a cheese platter, duck, potatoes with fennel, and ice cream. The mexican place near me I can get a carnitas platter- big pile of pork, skip the rice and beans, have some salsa. They also have a grilled skirt steak. No one even notices that I don't have a giant tortilla. Around the corner from my office is a great greek place- greek salad, add chicken (they use olive oil).

    You really don't have to eat wings, pizza, french fries etc.
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    I tend to just skip eating and have an unsweetened iced tea. Like another poster, I don't apologize for how I eat. If someone wants to scarf down a Big Mac, lg. fries and a DIET coke, that's on them.

    I do like In and Out Burger (double protein style) and Carl's Jr. has a "low carb" burger with lettuce buns (I ask for no cheese and add bacon).

    There are always choices, but sometimes it's just to do without.

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