Hello everyone, I apologize for making another one of these threads, I have done some searching, but would just like a little input.

First off, there are so many different vitamins/supplements out there, I'd just like to know what exactly is essential? And what brands are good enough?

As of right now..I do take NatureMade- Vitamin D/Calcium/Magnesium, NatureMade- Vitamin C and LifeExtension Fish Oil. I do also take a garlic pill when I remember.

I know that eating primal, we should be getting most our vitamins/nutrients that way, but I'll be honest..I'm kind of off the wagon during the holidays..=-/.

Anyway, I was considering ordering Marks Vital package..the vitamin D and fish oil sounds great, but I'm not too familiar with the probiotic. Is this something I should consider adding daily?

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!