Last september i had been paleo for about 9 months, i came off all hormonal BC and started to get spots, the odd one here and there that were big and lasted a long time. I was then advised to get a mirena coil fitted which made the acne worse and worse, I had that taken out in March and since then have still been struggling with acne.

I have it only on my lower cheeks, just the odd pimple now and then, my jaw line, regular pimple, and under my chin, again only the odd one or two. I would describe my acne as light – light/moderate. This might not sound bad but it is constant and I just am now at a loss with what to do or try next.

I don’t drink any milk and have only a little bit a cheese a few times a week (sometimes more)
I do drink a couple of drinks once a week (sometimes not at all some weeks) so my alcohol intake is light and infrequent. I am paleo so don’t consume any grains and or vegetable fats or lectins etc etc and am moderately active.

I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, but not polycystic ovary syndrome. I do have a little unwanted hair from the polycystic ovaries as well but no hormonal imbalance.

Recently I have begun the system and it has been somewhat successful, but very drying, irritating and I feel I may have to be like this forever as it is not a cure.

I have heard using a mixture of different essential oils can help to ‘dure’ acne, for example using rose wood oil to reduce sebum and tea tree oil to kill the bacteria.

I am at a loss with which direction to go in now, and would really appreciate and welcome any advice from thise who have ‘cured’ their acne or successfully manage it keeping it at bay with as little side effects as possible.

thank you