About a month ago, DH and I started IF doing a 16/8 split.

Due to our schedules, that stretched for me to a 14/10 (yoga classes, that don't move). According to some folks (warrior diet dude and leangains dude), this is "better for women" because it doesn't lead to fertility/virility issues that longer fasting would. I haven't really noted any particular studies that anyone has linked (probably because they don't exist).

Well, I'm not happy with the 14/10. On perfect days (when I teach at 12 instead of 11) and when we get home before 6:00 and have dinner finishing by 7, then it feels really great and comfortable. But, on days when things aren't perfect, I feel like I'm force-feeding myselt at 10:30 (because I have to teach a yoga class at 11:15 and I don't want to toss down 3 eggs and veg with olive oil while also checking in 20-odd clients).

If I don't eat before classes, I cannot eat until 2:15 at the earliest. Why? Because I teach at 11:15, 12:15, and 1:15. And, in between, I'm greeting clients and answering questions and such.

Then, I guess it was about three days ago, I forgot my lunch in the car. I went ahead and opted to fast until dinner, which was at 7 pm or so. Which means I ate until about 8, because I eat slowly.

After this day, I felt a little hungry at about 10 am, and had one bite which I had to spit out (didn't sit well), and then didn't eat again until 3:30, and then finished eating that day at 8:30 -- Fast-5 style.

Today, I did the same thing, but 2:30-6:30, which is more likely to match my work schedule.

So, it looks like rather than following any advice, I'm moving toward Fast5 or warrior diet style things for the time being.

What are your protocols? What seems to work for you? Are you concerned about anything in terms of doing these protocols long term? ETc?