I've been paleo for 3 months to a pretty strict degree. And I've now been sick for THREE weeks, all of a sudden not wanting the foods I'd consider my daily staples: eggs, lettuce & other greens, yogurt, bacon... Meat is OK.

Thinking about eating brings no anticipation or excitement to me now

I haven't had any large meal I was able to keep down; every attempt to eat eggs on their own (omelet, scrambled, etc) ended in the drain less than 2 hours later; and tonight it was plain yogurt that pushed me over the edge. After canned sardines, I swear at the time it sounded like a good idea. Most foods are repulsive to me and I've been trying to follow my 'instinct'...

About a week into this I tried to eat just plain rice (which I had not had in months) to "heal my guts"; but that did not change a thing once I tried to reintroduce my paleo foods after a few days. I saw a doctor last week who said she 'saw' an inflammation of the colon and gave me prescription pills for... heartburn!? while she recommended a bland diet.

I've read that sudden food aversions can be emotionally triggered; my 'sickness' started the day I learned about the passing of my grandpa to whom I was very close. Of course I was devastated and I've been thinking about him a lot, but I sleep well, and I am not depressed.
Things don't add up.

Could eating healthier actually make someone sick while your body is adjusting? Still, I would have thought 3 months is long enough to make the switch. Don't know if the two are related but I'd love to hear from others who've developed food aversions after turning to paleo.

And of course I've had no desire to exercise though I finally kicked myself out the door the other morning for a lousy 3mi run.

I feel like crap.
How long can this last?