It's just my boyfriend and me, which is fine, and I don't do the whole spread, but we like to have a turkey and a few things, just so we can pig out. And have leftovers for a week. I've ordered a small (as if 10-12 lbs is small) pastured turkey, but I'm really missing stuffing. I've found this recipe Gluten Free Cranberry Apple Stuffing Recipe - Elana's Pantry which I'm thinking of reducing and modifying a bit and this crust recipe Paleo Pecan Tart Crust Recipe - A Gluten Free Pie Crust - Elana's Pantry looks amazing. I'm thinking about doing a sweet potato filling. If anyone has any other paleo-ish recipes they'd like to share with the group that would be cool. I make sauteed brussels sprouts all the time, so may make something else instead. I've been eating the occasional white potato or rice lately so may go there. OMG, potatoes roasted in duck fat is insane, as are home made french fries in lard.