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Thread: First IF...HUNGRY.

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    I agree with Knifegill - I do not do well when I IF. I can do it and have done it quite a bit in the past but it seems to hang up my weight loss progress each I have tried it. Please read Mark's post, it did wonders for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    AmyP, maybe you could ease into it. IOW, if you're trying to go from dinner to dinner, that's almost 24 hours. If you start at 16 hours (or even 14 hours), when you get used to that, you could go to 17 or 18 hours and so on.
    I agree. If you're jumping into a 20+ hour fast, it's no wonder you're hungry. It won't kill you - and it might even give you some valuable information about how to handle hunger - but that's a big step to take all at once.

    I IF kind of randomly. Some days activities keep me distracted really well, so that I only periodically have a brief, "Boy, I'm hungry" thought and then forget for a while longer. Other days, it seems much harder. I do at least a 14/10 schedule most days though with no problem. It seems almost lame to me now to call that IF. I average 1400 cal and 110g carbs/day, with fairly steady weight loss.

    Is weight loss your primary movitator for IF? I find autophagy to be a much stronger motivator for me. Thinking about my body cleaning up all my spent mitochondria is a great distraction from hunger.
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    Update.. I will be adding IF to my weekly or every other week schedule. After hunger went down I was fine, enjoyed a nice dinner, and saw the scale move the next morning. Bonus was abdominal bloat reduced and mental state improved. So we will see where this takes me!

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