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Thread: Advice on baby led weaning?

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    I don't have advice, just sharing my experience.

    My dd is 17 months old and she still nurses around the clock. We introduced solids at 5.5 months. We offer foods all the time but she is not a big solid food eater. She likes rice, eggs, liver, meat, and fish, and some days she will eat more (few spoons), and some days nothing. But when she wants to nurse she will come and lift my shirt on her own. A few of our friends give her milk tea and sweets occasionally, and she always wants that! I thought she would be eating more by now, but she's thriving, so we just let it be...

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    For my baby, instead of "trying" at a certain age and/or when the ability was there (pincer grip, ability to sit up, etc), i just waited until he started to show actual interest (not play interest) in foods.

    At 8 months, he grabbed a whole apple out of my hand (i'd taken a bite), and that was his start. He spent the next several months "tasting" things. He took an interest in soup and beans and the like by around 10 months -- and was still mostly breast milk.

    At 12 months, he was definitely eating meals PLUS nursing a lot. And by 14 months, he finally made the move to using food as sustenance and breast for comfort/snack. That's when I lost the rest of my weight. He then shifted to 3-4 nursing/day and ate regular meals thereafter.

    we never did any specially prepared foods for him. He just ate what we ate. Still does.

    I stopped breastfeeding him (he was down to once a day) when he was 3.

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