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Thread: Best Dark Chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    I buy the Lindt Excellence 90% for $2/bar regularly, but last week I found a bar of 99% at World Market that had nothing bad in it, and it was delicious. Not bitter at all; tasted even sweeter than the Lindt. I don't remember what brand or the price, but I'm going back to buy some more today or tomorrow.
    Could have been Lindt Excellence 99% .... picked some up in France last month - YUM!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    Could that be some formulation they are selling in Italy? The version sold here in NC doesn't have that. Also, I get the 85%... Ive never read the label on the 72%.

    I'm surprised at the perception I read earlier that $3.00 a bar is expensive. I get four servings out of a bar (it says 2.5, I mean four satisfying servings), so as a contributor to a meal when I mainly eat meat, it's one of the cheaper things I eat.
    It must be great to have such willpower. A 3 ounce bar is 2 servings for me, sometimes one, but I have found ways to cut my chocolate expense in half so I am only paying $1.50/bar, and days when I eat a lot of chocolate I cut back on other carbs so I guess it is okay.

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