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    I dont like the mouth feel of the bakers chocolate, it is not pleasant to me so I go with Lindt 70% or 85% prefer the 70. Also in Canada you can get the Life brand from pharmaprix/shoppersdrugmart and it is the best quality I have ever tried and cheep. made with little African slave children probably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Do you know if the TJ's Mexican ground chocolate bars are similar to Taza's? I tried one of TJ's the other day, and really liked it, but the price is so steep!
    No idea, unfortunately! Orlando doesn't have a Trader Joe's.

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    Perfect timing with the chocolate posts! Introducing it back into my diet to see how it's going to impact my fat loss and maintenance experiments. I adore the flavor of 85% Green and Blacks, but found roasted cacao nibs to be quite flavorful as well. I picked up a Lindt 90 bar for snacking this week. I'd love to find some 99% bars, I've got to go exploring for sure!

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    Theos does not include soy lecithin in it's bars. But it is pricey. However, one bar lasts me a whole week. My fave is the chili dark chocolate.

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    Ok, I found some of that 100% Godiva chocolate. Ate some and it was just...meh. The chocolate flavor was good and strong, but overall it was sort of boring, like just cocoa powder. I think that 99% World Market bar is very very tasty, and somehow tastes much sweeter by comparison.

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    The best dark chocolate is the dark chocolate you make yourself. Take virgin coconut oil, melt it in a double boiler with vanilla extract, add baker's chocolate (unsweetened cocoa mass), add coconut sugar til you get the desired sweetness. From there, spice it accordingly. Cayenne, sea salt, chili powder, a touch of instant coffee...the only limit is your imagination. I can't eat store bought chocolate bars after making my own. Lindt, Green & Blacks, Ghirardelli...all tastes like junk by comparison.
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    bleh, I can't do higher than 75%. My go-to chocolate is Theo Chocolate which, lucky me, the factory is right down the street! I did splurge and buy $8/bar chocolate from Dick Taylor Chocolate (out of CA) and Dandelion Chocolate (also out of CA). Contains no dairy, soy, nut, or gluten. Only 2 ingredients-- cocoa and sugar. Aaaaaaahhhh-mazing!!!! Totally worth it.

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    Rawganic have a delicious one. It's high in carbs (almost 50g per 100g) but rich enough to only need a couple of pieces. might be an aussie only brand though.

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    I used to use the Endangered Species 88%, graduated to Lindt 90%, and occasionally use the Lindt 99% (although I don't like the texture of that as much as the 90%). I dislike the fruity ones. I don't think raw cacao is the superfood that people think it is.

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    Lindt 85% and Ghirardelli 86%. Two for $4 seems pretty cheap to me.

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