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Perhaps men who are more naturally strong might not notice the difference as much, but many women I know who've started lifting have seen a massive improvement in their daily lives. I can put a big bag of rice up on the top shelf thanks to learning cleans and presses. I can safely help move a heavy sofa because I learned to deadlift. These things matter a great deal to this "amateur". Being able to lift more than I weigh also means I have a shot at being able to rescue my partner should anything happen where I might need to move him. That's not a minor thing to me.
Long ago I had a job where my boss casually told me to go toss a 100lb bag of sand into the back of the truck so we could go out to a job site. Holy crap, how was I going to do that?? I wrestled with that thing, pushing and tugging until somehow I got it on top of a stool. I wheeled the stool over to the truck and managed to slide and scoot the bag into the bed. I do believe a lot of men out there haven't a clue how little strength some of us come with. Sure, moving a sofa is pretty easy since it's got edges and you can use your hips and legs and just push it across the room. But other things are impossible if you don't have any strength or any skills. I can see that learning to deadlift both gives you raw strength but also a skill, a blueprint for how to get something heavy off the floor without killing yourself. Fortunately, being fairly weak, I've had to deadlift with inconsistent bar heights, making it all the more useful. I really need to improve on cleaning because I struggle to lift empty bars and fixed barbells and put them back where they go.