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Thread: Hormonal warfare

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    Be as careful with the herbs as you are with the synthetic medications. They can, and will, work like any old pharmaceutical.

    I am also estrogen dominant with normal estrogen levels and lower progesterone levels. I reacted very poorly to bio-identical progesterone when I tried it 4 years ago. I've found diet and exercise have worked the best for me. I have not had my levels checked in the past 2 years, but I think I'm going to order a salivary test from Hormone Testing adrenal cortisol dhea E2 Pg T DS Cx4 Thyroid TPO TSH T3 T4 Vitamin D IGF-1 PSA prostate (where I did the test a few years ago). My cortisol was all screwed up, too.

    Sorry, that link wasn't supposed to appear.

    Since eating more Primal foods my period has become regular. I'm 47 and in the wild middle of peri-menopause. I was getting my period every 2-3 months and now I've had it every month I've eaten Primal. I love it! In addition, my rapid heart rate has also subsided. All signs my hormones are coming back into control.

    Good luck to you! *Normal* thyroid levels do not mean you aren't have symptoms from thyroid hormones. For example, even though the TSH range might be considered normal, you could very well be having negative symptoms despite being in the range. I am trying to get my TSH down.

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    Just a word to the wise regarding the doctor saying your thyroid ok. Mine said it was ok too, but they only did TSH and T4 which is a normal test to do. After getting the more comprehensive test that I arranged through a Naturopath, I discovered that I was not converting T4 to T3 so would get the strong thyroid issues. If you haven't got a free T3 level then you need one.

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    Yes you have a say. What pregnant, hormonal, woman wants to deal with a mass of people she doesn't know or care about! I would sit down and talk to both your mother and mother-in-law. I would say that for the shower, you want to keep things small because you are not going to enjoy yourself if there are too many people there. Tell them that you are planning on sending out baby announcements, so people who 'they bought baby gifts for' can chose to send you a gift if they want. But that is a really greedy standpoint. I really understand what you are dealing with, my mother-in-law is the same way and I managed to convince her to cut down the shower to about 30 people. My mom and I are so on the same page, so that one I didn't have to worry about. And you really don't need that much for the baby, tell your husband that you would rather do without some 'frills' gifts to keep your sanity. If worst comes to worst, you can always just say you will not come to the shower if it is huge. Seems like emotional warfare, but they aren't playing fair either. Sorry you have to deal with such a touchy situation.

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