Hello Everyone,

I have been on the Primal diet for 7 weeks now. The reasons have been primarily around better energy through the day and ensuring all my sporting aches and pains can heal. It ahs been a success, not that any of you would be surprised, but I am a natural cycnic so had to see it to believe it. I am in pretty good shape and have a BF of aprox 10%, weight wise I lost about 5lbs and since then have stayed at this point. I wish to lose no further weight and I am quite happy maintaining.

The feedback I am looking for is do people still see changes in body shape even through they are holding steady weight wise... this is of course taking out exercise as a factor?

Myself and my GF, have both hit our targets and eat to stay at this level, but even though weight wise we are no longer losing I am adamant my body shape is changing as my trousers especially are feeling a little more baggy, this is perceived as I stupidly didnt take any measurements. MY GF also had the intial weight loss and like me though holding steady she appears to have lost weight visually but again the scale does not show and she does very very little exercise..

Have other people seen this and any reasoning why? Interested in peoples thoughts?

My assumption is that we have hit a healthy body state/balance and now the body is optimumly fuelled to bring the body composition into a more primal shape/build... maybe I am just grapsing