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Thread: Changing Body with no weight loss... experiences...

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    Excursivey, a scale cannot accurately measure your body composition. See the "bod pod".

    Experts rate the best and worst in body-fat measurement devices.
    Thanks Nameless! I felt like I was taking "skinny fat" to new heights. I mean I'm sure the number is not low but what I got was crazy high...
    Breathe. Move forward.

    I just eat what I want...

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    this thread comes up at a weird time. I took a mostly naked picture of myself at 245lbs back on september 15th. Today, only 5lbs down taking the same picture at same time of day/week EVERYTHING. The difference is HUGE.

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    She will kill me for sharing this. GF just got out of the shower, after removing the 100 towels that she manages to use for drying such a small person (I only ever find a small threadbare one that absorbs as well as plastic). I see her in the buff and she has definitely lost a lot of weight and looks great. If those scales don't budge tomorrow for her weekly weigh in......... Then she has to be growing additional innards.... It's gotta be going somewhere!!!!

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