I'm on day 4 (again). I'm thinking that if I can do this for 2 weeks that I'll be cured. At 2 weeks the memory of milk chocolate, sugary snacks, ice-cream etc should be far enough in the past for me to be able to resist temptation and for temptation to have been replaced by new urges to eat nuts and stuff.

Is 2 weeks about right? Will my SAD cravings be manageable at this point for me to go on indefinitely?

4 days is good for me, so I'm hopeful this time. It usually goes wrong on day 2 or 3 and always at night. I'm more confident this time since I've discovered coconut smoothies. That's real coconut milk, not your big supermarket guar gum filth. Not a great thing to eat with a banana in and berries, still too much sugar but a lot better than a 45 minute carb binge at 10:30pm and a jump off the primal wagon. And it fills me up like mad.