it was also 'drummed' into me when I was younger.

funny thing is, i can't eat for the first hour that I'm awake anyway (without getting an upset stomach), and by the time I could eat, I was usually at school, and wasn't allowed to eat until lunch time. Which meant I was IFing. LOL

I would then "break fast" at lunch time, and then have a snack around 3, and then dinner around 6.

When we started IFing about a month ago now, we were working on a 6 hr window between 11 and 7. Trouble was, with my work schedule, I was eating between 10:30 am and 8, or throwing food down my throat in 15 minutes between 11:00 and 11:15 (which was not fun or comfortable) because I teach yoga class at 11:15. Then, I would eat again around 2, and then wait until dinner which was at home, but we weren't getting home until 7 and I would eat at 7:30 until 8. So obviously our window was pushed out.

My Dh doesn't have these constraints, but today I opted to push back and only eat after 2 and until 7. It's working well so far, and breakfast is very yummy: fried eggs (in butter), steamed veggies, olive oil. I had that at 2. Then at 5:30, we had fish with a curry sauce and some asparagus with olive oil. I had a bit of dark chocolate.

I'm currently drinking only 3 cups of tea per day, and then water otherwise. I tend to have my tea between 9 am and 2 pm.

It seems to be working well.