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Thread: Bananas in the Fruit Power Ranking list

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    Bananas in the Fruit Power Ranking list


    I was going through Mark's Fruit Power Ranking list in The Primal Blueprint and found that Bananas are low pesticide risk (i.e Fruit with tough, inedible skin ) and have gr8 nutritional value. However it doesn't figure on Mark's favorites list. Is it because that bananas are not very popular in the U.S (I'm from India and it is the main tropical fruit in my country). Are bananas equally good as berries which are not easily available here, as India has a tropical climate (After all, berries are grown largely in temperate climates right)?

    Most of my fruit intake comprises of locally grown bananas.

    So I would like to know, just how good are Bananas vis-a-vis other primal fruits?

    Would be glad to get feedback....



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    No idea, but I'm not a big fruit fan I pretty much only eat bananas, berries and coconuts. I would say as long as your fruit intake is moderate no issues, eat and be happy.
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    Berries rank higher because they are all high in antioxidants, higher in fiber, and lower in calories and carbs than most other fruits.

    The darker the color of the fruit the more bang for the buck kind of thing, so berries get highly promoted.

    If you don't need to lose weight the bananas are not a problem.
    If you DO need to lose weight, and are trying to keep your carb intake moderate... watch them and see how they work for you.

    Me, I prefer a hot, baked, black plantain over a banana any day! Aye, MADUROS!
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    Aren't bananas VERY low GI too, due to how slowly they digest?

    Random fact: watermelon has the highest GI of all tested fruit, as it has free glucose and sucrose in rather large quantities. Bad, bad, bad if you're avoiding insulin spikes, yet inocuously disguised as a "watery" fruit "without much substance at all".

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    Um...I thought bananas were among the highest in carb/calorie content for fruits because they're so damn sweet. If you're not watching your carbs, go ahead and eat them. I don't know where you get the idea that they are not popular in the US. I live in the US and they're freaking everywhere, even at liquor stores and 7-11. They rank among the most popular fruits alongside apples and oranges.

    Bananas are not as good as berries in the primal food list. Berries are lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants.
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    I love bananas. When I did Whole 30, they kept me sane and are now on my list of things that don't make me fat.

    I believe bananas are the most popular fruit in America over apples and oranges.
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    Hey thanks guys for all the replies.

    M a hardgainer, looking to put on some wight and muscle so bananas should not be a problem 4 me....

    Thanks again

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    You could say that bananas are the most popular tropical fruit in America too, much cheaper and therefore more popular than mangoes or papaya.

    In general, more color = more nutrition, so berries are definitely better, but you have to go with what you have. Are frozen berries available? I would guess not. In America, we hear a lot of stories about power outages in India. Not good for frozen food.

    Last month I took out the greek yogurt from my smoothie and replaced it with a bit of banana. That allowed me to transfer my dairy cheat to tea and coffee, and it decreased those weird toe cramps caused by potassium deficiency.
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    Hi Sarit,
    I am originally from India as well, and I have always loved bananas. Takes me back to visiting my grandparents in the summer holidays. After dinner, he would pass around bananas every night.

    Just my personal experience--I love bananas. Eat them most days. I am still losing weight and the bananas take the edge off during sugar-craving days (aka menstrual cycle).

    And I use bananas in multiple different ways (to replace conventional sugar). Please note--this is once in a while...not a daily affair. In the primal muffins or as dessert. My favorite is bananas with heavy cream. Delicious. My entire family is addicted it. Bananas and almond butter is real good as well.

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    My occasional treat (I can't keep the components in the house or I will eat way too much in one sitting) is a banana with sunbutter and full-fat yogurt (the real deal stuff--organic, cream-top, lumps in it).

    Nothing wrong with bananas. There's definitely 'better' fruits, but what it all comes down to is eating a variety of plant matter. Also, I didn't know about "those weird toe cramps" being associated with potassium deficiency. I think I know what you're referring to and I have experienced it occasionally and never known why. If only I could be trusted to keep bananas in the house... unfortunately I've been known to turn into an ape in the presence of bananas and eat 3 at a time (with sunbutter and yogurt...yowza)

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