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Thread: Latest Fitness Achievment page

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    Latest Fitness Achievment

    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
    I love hearing about other people's fitness achievements because it motivates me to try harder and it gives me ideas of new things to try. Whenever I complete a new achievement that I am proud of I want to tell people too. This is the thread to post your achievements in and motivate each other.

    Today I was able to do over a hundred handstand pushups in one day.

    What was your latest achievement?

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    Aug 2012
    5 sets of 10 pullups weighted with 35 pounds, full extension/dead hang.

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    Perth, Western Australia
    Damn, you guys are good - now mine looks pretty lame

    I deadlifted 60kg last night, I'm 50kg.
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    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Deadlifted 315x5
    Closed a 200lbs grip
    "Go For Broke"
    Fat Kine-230/24% @ 6'2"
    Small Kine-168/9%
    Now- 200/8%
    Goal- 210/6%

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    personal best deadlift 275 lbs. i weigh 165 lbs.
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    455 Deadlift & 285lb front squat, and 1:28 500m row. This was all last week. This is also 3 months after I broke my Fibula/leg...... 5'10 -- 194lbs Bodyweight. Trying to get back to my old maxes within 4 months.
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    Last year I reached a long term goal of deadlifting 405. I got it for a triple. My bodyweight is pretty much the same as it was then (~165 @ 5'11").

    More recently, I've done a weighted chinup with 125lbs of added weight. I still cannot do a single arm chin. I need to work on those, as they were one of the reasons I started doing weighted chins in the first place.

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    Dresden, Maine
    5'10", 145lbs... Steadily closing in on a one-armed chin up (now doing reps of assisted chins with the assisting hand just above my elbow), and closed a 200lb gripper for 2 reps on each hand.
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    I did two negative pullups where I could actually better control my descent than before. I deadlifted 105lbs and it didn't feel very difficult. I squatted 90lbs and it felt like hell.
    Female, 5'3", 49, Starting weight: 163lbs. Current weight: 135 (more or less).
    Starting squat: 45lbs. Current squat: 180 x 2. Current Deadlift: 230 x 2

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    Squatted 230lbs at BW 164lbs. Another few weeks and I'll be squatting 1.5x bodyweight!

    Not really all that impressive, I know, but I like it. I started with a bar six months ago.

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