Let me start off with a brief history and current specs:

Male, 30 y.o.
5' 10"

3 lifting sessions a week. Short, intense, and never longer than 45 minutes.
3 cardio interval sessions ranging from 12 to 30 minutes on non-lifting days.

Several years ago I was 315lbs and started my weight loss journey. Now I am down to 175lbs. I still have some fat on me that I want to lose (although it may just be loose skin). About four to five months ago I completely switched from SAD to being about 85% to 95% Paleo. I do enjoy the occasional Starbucks coffee with my wife on the weekend.

Here's my question, I have read from everyone that you should eat when you are hungry. Then I read that you need to meet your bodies caloric requirements. So which is it? If I eat when I am hungry it is quite possible that I will only get about 700 to 1200 calories in a given day. If I eat 3 meals and a snack on a day I will hit my caloric needs, but I may not even be hungry.

What is the best option especially for fat loss? i have also read that not meeting your bodies caloric needs will cause your body to store fat rather than burn it; which ultimately causes fat gain.