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Thread: Macadamia Nuts = Fat Bombs of Doom

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    macadamia nuts > almonds. omega 3's are great. and i love raw macadamias. eat them everyday

    almonds have vitamin d but macadamia's got better omega 3

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    You certainly can't get grass fed beef for 3 dollars a lb where I am, either. Calgary, AB, Canada. :P
    We buy half a cow, and it comes to about $4-5, and that's not including all the extra organ meets we get. Chest freezer is a way to go.

    Oh, and the thing with Macadamia nuts is to make them into a meal, like a breakfast. Then ~ 50 g makes a satisfying experience for under 400 cals, you get great combination of fats, and don't fret over each nut you are eating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry H View Post
    Last holiday season I made for my workmates some dark chocolate macadamia nut bark. Most people didn't try it bec. of the dark chocolate but rather for the macadamia nuts-it was a hit.
    lmao, last time I tried this, I used 100% cacao and a Tbsp of sugar for the entire least there were plenty leftovers for me!

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    I used either 85 or 90% Lindt which was no doubt too strong for most. It was a hit for a few who dared and yes, there was some left over....

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