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Thread: Interesting week!

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    Interesting week!

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    Took the family to the Caribbean for spring break trip. Second day there I get a bad stomach ache. Like an idiot I ignore the pain and stomach ache eventually turns into ruptured appendix. Spend entire trip in intensive care unit following surgery.

    Anyway, at one point I was thinking about the old comeback from non-primal folks about how cavemen had a life expectancy of about 30 years. It's a ridiculous notion, and what happened to me this week is a perfect example of why. Not only ruptured appendix, but any and all kinds of infections would very often take their lives back then. We discuss the trauma with hunting, fighting with one another, harsh living envirnonments, etc. as reasons for their short longevity but I have to think infection alone is probably the greatest single reason. Either that or the fact that they ate a lot of meat and fat

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    Ah, that's harsh having to spend a vacation like that. File that lesson as a lesson for primal law #8. Glad you're still around to share the lesson with the rest of us.

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    Good example, and glad you're well! Yes, there is a major difference between acute illness and chronic disease.
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