Hey guys, would just like a bit of help here. I think I have it but I could be totally wrong.

I'm 5 ft 7 and weight 162lbs. Baseline BMR is 1,792 and my RMR is 1,703.

Taking into my moderate activity levels (strength train 3x a week, 30 minute to and from walk to work) they are 2,778 and 2,640 respectively.

I would probably burn somewhere in the region of 200-300 calories with my walks and I have no idea how many calories I burn with my gymnastic strength training (1hr of pullups, dips, pistol squats)

I eat roughly 1900 calories a day , strength train 3x a week. I'm currently doing a 2x24 hour IF protocol (Eat Stop Eat) and it's working great so far.

  • Normal weekly calories : 7x1900= 13300
  • Actual calories per week (taking into account my 2 day fast) : 13300 - 3800 = 9500
  • Divide the deficit total by 7 days = 543 calories deficit each day.
  • This 3800 calories roughly means 1lb of fat a week burned which is ideal.

I'm just wondering, am I being a bit crazy with my numbers? Am I eating too little? I might have a cheat meal once a week but that'll stay roughly within my calories too, because I will adjust other meals and my macros to fit around it.