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Thread: Primal Journal (gt74)

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    A solid 223 this morning.

    Day 2 of Week 1 yesterday on the simplefit plan with some interval running as well. Feeling it today so nothing more than a walk for me tonight. Found some 4 month transformation photos of a contributor called splint. Wow.

    Breakfast - couple of small beef burgers and two poached eggs
    Lunch - some crayfish tails mixed into mayo with chilli and a small side salad.
    Snack - small banana and 100g of yoghurt.
    Dinner - going to IF through to breakfast.

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    222 this morning. Cheapo's simplefit regime is much harder than it looks. I can feel the difference.
    Changing my routine to 2 days ex. 1 days rest, 2 days ex. 2 days rest.

    I can just about fit into 36 reg jeans as well. Down from 40.

    4 days to go until the 30 days photo - will have lost 11-12 lbs - not bad at all.

    And I haven't been eating particularly well or sleeping too much. Self inflicted. Stayed up to watch our election results and gorged on mixed nuts and seeds and a glass of red. Not very rock and roll but better than the cake and biscuits that I would have had before. So, behavioural change is not quite as evident as the change of diet.

    7 weeks till the magic 200 mark. But I have Moscow between now and then. Potential diet pitfall - might just accept that I won't be primal that week.
    My pidgin Russian is not quite developed enough to go primal in Moscow but I'll take my running gear and keep up with the simplefit regime.

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    In terms of diet, terrible weekend.

    And today wasn't a great day either. It's all relative - compared to what it used to be my diet is good but by primal standards it was a suicide note.

    I'm not a political animal, but today our beloved leader Polyphemus announced to the world he has decided to step down. The man who, in his own mind, saved the world has fallen on his sword. I celebrated in the only way an Englishman could. A cup of tea, a nice slice of homemade fruit cake and a half hour with the crossword. Very poor show.

    I paid for it in the gym later on. Beasted myself silly. 2k gentle warm up on the rower, 30 mins interval and a repeat of simplefit week1 day 1. From 32 rounds to 40 rounds in 7 days. The difference in endurance already noticeable. At my current level of fitness, I think that was a good effort.

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