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Thread: Exercise Preferences Changing

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    I've always hated chronic cardio (especially running because of my hips) so that was one tenet of PB I got on board with from day 1! What I noticed the most, however, was a change in my reasons for exercising and the accompanying levels of motivation or lack thereof. Before my motivation for working out was to work off those calories I felt guilty about because the day before wasn't "clean enough..." with the self-flagellation gone, I lost my primary reason for going to the gym! Now I'm walking a lot more and only hitting the gym 1-2 times a week (as opposed to 5-6) and that's just fine.

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    I really wish my preferences were changes.. Although i don't mind getting up and out and about, my job requires me to be on my feet the whole time so its been hard for me to find the wanting to go out and do things on days i'm already working. Oh well, im considering to start working out in the morning before i have school and work, so hopefully i won't have time to convince myself to do anything else otherwise

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    I've gone from light weight, high reps.. to more heavy weight lower reps to try and keep and/or add muscle mass to my frame. I still enjoy my cardio.. but have tried to implement more lower level, casual cardio..

    My results have been very good... I'm happy with my progress...

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    I've been a runner for 25 years and I've focused on ultras for the past 15 years, including doing some really tough 100 milers like Wasatch and Hardrock. But, I've also found my preferences changing. Maybe I've just been at it so long that it was time for something new. I tend to prefer the gym to my running shoes these days. It's been almost a year since my last run over 10 miles. And, that doesn't bother me at all.

    Last Friday night, I went outside with my running shoes, did a nice easy warm-up, and the did 10 x 100 yard sprints. I walked back home after the sprints. From start to finish, it was less than 30 minutes. It used to be that I wouldn't even bother to go out for anything less than an hour.

    I really love Saturday mornings right now, when I wake up and I know that my workout won't take up half of the day. Sometimes, I may choose to hike for most of the day, or go out for a long, but slow ride on my road bike. The operative word is "choose", rather than feeling compelled to put in a 30 mile run to be ready for my next race.

    Friends are still trying to get me to do some ultras this year, but I'd rather lift or ride or hike these days.

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    since going primal one thing i have noticed is that i have less guilt about skipping workouts or trading them out for a long walk/trail walk. i agree with the person who said they hate chronic cardio so this was already in line with their preferences. i've never been a good endurance athelete. i've always tended more toward explosive movements and power. weight lifting (prior to primal) was always my favorite part of my workout with the dreaded 25 minutes spent slugging it out on the arc trainer being what i hated. i'm excited to incorporate more play into my workouts...right now i'm trying to get together a group of my old teammates to play small sided games of soccer on the weekends.
    i'm also interested in getting into some martial arts. i've never taken any classes in martial arts but have experience with boxing. any one have any suggestions on a good starter martial art to pursue?

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    Left the gym behind 2 years ago, got some kettlebells, a mace, and clubbells, and haven't looked back. I don't have to stress over scheduled workouts or drive to and find parking at the gym. I can workout 7 days one week, 3 days another week, or skip a week with no guilt or stress. My workouts are free-form, just grabbing what implement feels good that day, or just do sprints and some bw work.

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