Your location: Northeast US

Age (If you want):36

How Primal are you: as primal as my budget allows right now (cannot afford much in the way of organics, or grass fed etc, but trying to increase the amount of organic in my diet)

Do you consume dairy: Heavy cream in my coffee, and cheese

Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes less than one cup per day

Motivator for switching to Primaln October 14th I woke up with a crazy stomach ache, ened up having emergency gallbladder surgery. While in pre op, the Anesthesiologist gave me a good 10 minute talking to about my weight, and mentioned that he had lost 50 lbs going primal... When I was discharged the PA also mentioned primal as a way to lose weight... I am thinking that the whole Gallbladder ordeal was one of those "God Winks" that happen in our lives!

Favorite exercise: Upper Body lifting heavy things

Favorite Primal food: Venison, and Beef Liver

Best part about being Primal: Consistent energy, and the fact that my clothes are fitting better

Worst part about being Primal: I spent time hunting with my father and brother in law this past weekend, we did takeout both nights, they were not understanding when I told them "you pick the restaurant, and I will find something to eat" they just didn't understand that I can find something, or ask for a special request from anywhere... Hopefully with time they will begin to understand

Progress: So far since 10-16-12 I am down about 13 lbs... I have a looooonnnnngggg way to go, but for now it seems to be working. My biggest problem is SCALE watching.... I need to throw the damn thing out, but I have my first physical in many years in a month, and I want to make sure I am tracking along!!