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Thread: Am I getting enough fat? - Here is a list of some typical meals I eat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    We're all getting tons of potassium. Rare steak is a powerful source, as are most veggies. It's hard to be potassium-depleted on primal. Takes care of itself.
    You can have electrolyte issues without actually being "deficient" in a single one. You can simply have bad ratios of each electrolyte to each other. I know because I've been through this. You can also CREATE an issue by trying to address one (when you think the issue is a single electrolyte rather than the overall ratios).

    If the recommendation is for "MOAR SALT" and then, sodium intake inches out of whack with the other electrolytes, you'd then need to adjust the other electrolytes to match. Electrolytes are tricky like that. Adjust levels of one, it effects them all. Electrolytes should optimally be considered together as a whole because they have such an intricate relationship to each other. It's almost silly to consider each electrolyte by itself.


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    Thanks for the advice.

    Would this explain why my eating of a banana made me feel pretty good within 30 minutes or so?

    What about a banana and fatty cream (with macadamia nuts) yoghurt for breakfast twice a week. While also adding a little salt into my other dishes?

    Should that help?
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